Everything You Always Wanted to Know About  Body Waxing
But Were Afraid to Ask !

This site has been designed  for those  interested in  hair removal via body waxing,  including Brazilian bikini waxing for men and women. Detailed information is given about various waxing services, what to expect, aftercare, pricing, etc.  Below are frequently asked questions. Please enjoy !

What kind of waxing can I have done?

You can have anything from facial (no beards) to Brazilian and bikini waxing, full legs, arms, and just about any body part that has hair.  Many men have back and chest waxing,  the increasingly popular "Bro-Zilian" (male Brazilian), as well as nose and ears. Body waxing  is a safe and economical treatment for hair removal on men and women alike.

What are the advantages of waxing?

When hair is removed via waxing, the full hair is pulled out at the root. When it grows back, it is softer.  When you shave, the hair is cut off at the level of the skin, so as it grows out, it is thicker and stiff.  You are more likely to have  in-grown hair with shaving.  If you wax on a regular basis (every 4 to 5 weeks), the hair will start growing back on the same growth cycle, so after about 3 months, you will have longer periods of "hairlessness". 

What is a  Brazilian wax? 

At The Wax Bar,  this service removes all hair in the bikini line area, as well as genitals and  all the way back to the buttocks and anus.  In other words, everything goes!  If you are interested in this service,  you  will be asked to  assume various positions in order to achieve complete hair removal.   Please remember this is considered standard in the industry.  We do Brazilian waxing on male and female clients. 

How long should I  wait between waxing appointments?

We recommend coming in every 4 weeks.  Best results are achieved when the hair is 1/2 inch long,  however the hair must be at least  1/4  inch long to wax.

How much do you charge for a Brazilian Wax?

Female Brazilian is $55, male is $70.  Follow us on Facebook to watch for daily specials we may be offering.. We also offer "happy hour" on Monday and Tuesday between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. Schedule your appointment during happy hour and receive a 10% discount on services.

 What do I wear during  my Brazilian waxing session?

You will be asked to remove all your clothing from the waist down. (you can leave your socks on!).  Underwear   gets in the way, and we can't do a thorough job with clothing on.  Our rooms are completely private. We specialize in this service, so there is no reason for you to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

I am pregnant. Can I still get waxed? 

We routinely wax pregnant women, all the way up to full term.

Are you male or female? 

All of our estheticians are female,.   We are experienced waxing specialists, and   love what we do. We have  a large male and  female clientele.  

I am a plus-sized person. Am I going to be embarrassed or feel awkward?   

Absolutely not !  Our clients are mostly every-day people like you and me.  Some of our estheticians are plus sized, so no reason to feel self-conscience.

Do you offer anal bleaching?

We used to offer this service, however we have found that our clients get better results with a take home kit with products that are applied each day. We have the bleaching kits available for $100, and the products can be used on anal, labia, underarm, and just about anywhere you have hyperpigmentation.

Do you offer any special pricing for your monthly customers?

Yes. We have a Wax Bar Loyalty App. Download it now on your smart phone to receive notices of specials, coupons, and the "virtual loyalty card". Get your "virtual card" by searching for "The Wax Bar", at google apps or the app store for Iphones. This app can be used at any of our four locations in San Antonio, Texas. We are NOT affiliated with any wax bars or salons outside of San Antonio, so it cannot be used anywhere else.

General Information for Men and Women:

Limit caffeine for several hours prior to appointment.  Clients who normally take Ibuprofen for pain may find this helpful 30 minutes prior to treatment.  Some people feel that taking antacids (Tums) prior to their appointment also  helps. We have  "No Scream Cream"  which  reduces discomfort by 50 to 90% in  most clients. You will need to purchase and apply this  cream 30 to 45 minutes prior to your appointment. Hair  should be at least 1/4 inch long for waxing.  Again, if  this is your first Brazilian,  trim hair back to 1/2 inch before coming in. 


 If you need help with your eyebrow shape, we can work together to come up with something esthetically pleasing for you.  We charge $15.00 for eyebrow design and waxing.   . 

Just so you know, waxing immediately before and  during your period will be more painful.  We recommend scheduling your appointment at least one week prior to your period, or once  your period is completed each month. 

If you are wanting a Brazilian wax, and  just HAVE to be waxed during this time, that's ok too. It's your choice and we have no problem with Brazilian waxing while you are on your period. Just wear a tampon and let us know ahead of time.  We wax the entire area, including the labia. Of course it's your call how much or how little hair you wish to have removed. 

How about a little "bling for your girl thing"???  A beautiful glitter design that will last 5 to 7 days.  Something fun fun fun for that special occasion !


 We  specialize in male body waxing, from head to toes.   Many estheticians or salons refuse to work on men, and sometimes make them feel uncomfortable if they do  take them for appointments.  When you walk into our shop,  you will find it a comfortable setting for men and women alike.   We offer a complimentary cocktail or juice, so sit back, have glass of wine or  beer, and leave the rest to us !

Our clients come from all walks of life: white and  blue collar, single and married guys, dads and grand dads,   athletes and exotic dancers,  young and old, etc. 

Now, for your specific questions on Brazilian waxing for men. The most common question we get from people in general is "why would a guy want a Brazilian wax?" Our reply is, "why does a woman have this service done?"  Generally we do it to feel clean and smooth,  or  perhaps we do it to be sexier for our significant other.   Maybe we just like the way it looks. Men are no different. Some athletes do it for competition (body builders need to be absolutely hair free). Cyclists do it because they perspire and can easily get ingrown hairs from shaving.  So there are many different reasons men and women have this service done.

The one question that is on the mind of most men is "What if I get an erection during the waxing service?"  Just so you know, it happens to about 50% of male clientele. This is usually an adrenal response from the waxing service that most people have absolutely no control over.  Some men have this happen while at their doctor's office having a physical. It's really not a problem, as long as you treat us with respect and understand that we are  professional estheticians who are just removing hair,  and nothing more. 

In the recent year, we have had a few incidents where clients made innappropriate remarks during their service. One client began masturbating in front of our esthetician. This client was subsequently arrested and charged for having done this in several salons in the San Antonio area. We want it understood that this type of behavior is not acceptable, period.

Everyone wants to know if waxing hurts. Well,  yes it hurts.  We're ripping your hair out by the roots.  Of course it's going to hurt,  especially the first time. But you'll be glad to hear that waxing done on a regular basis (every 4 to 6 weeks), results in far less discomfort because the hair releases easier.   You can also take an Ibuprofin 45 minutes prior to your appointment, and this will help with the discomfort.  So how does it really feel?

 Some  have described it similar to pulling a band aide off.  It hurts for a second, but is quick,  and the pain leaves as fast as it comes. Again, if you trim the hair back to around 1/2 inch before coming in, it doesn't pull as much, and helps for that first visit.  If you have had a bad waxing experience in the past,  please remember that a skilled waxing professional with good technique and experience can make a huge difference.  We constantly have people tell us that our experience shows, and that they felt much more comfortable as the result. 

Still not sure?  Here is a comment from one of our male clients regarding his first experience at our studio.  From Joseph of San Antonio:  "Men, get your Brazilian here ! I'm a man and this was my first Brazillian. I called on Tuesday and spoke to ..... She was knowledgeable over the phone so I booked an appointment on Saturday. Got there Saturday and she did exactly what I wanted,  all while carrying a good conversation. I was comfortable the whole time and the results are great! "

What kind of wax do you use?

For Brazilian waxing, we use mostly  hard  wax.     Hard wax is great for more sensitive areas such as under arms, genitals, etc.   It doesn't pull the skin as much, therefore is less painful.  For large areas such as backs, legs, etc., we use  roll on strip wax that is formulated for sensitive skin. Our wax is vegan and never animal tested.   

Waxing Contra-indications

You should not wax if you are taking blood thinners, oral or topical acne medication  (Accutane) or  are using over the counter acne medication. Skin that is being treated with Retin A, Renova or other strong exfoliates  such as glycolic acid products, should avoid waxing.  No waxing on sunburned skin.  If you have Diabetes, you should have a written release from your physician stating that in his/her opinion, is it safe for you to have body waxing performed. 

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes. If you are interested in purchasing a gift card,  call us and we will give you more information.

What are your business hours?

The Wax Bar is open Monday through Saturday.    Walk-ins are welcome, however you may have to wait.  We recommend  scheduling  an appointment.   We  offer online scheduling, which is very convenient as you will be able to see every available appointment for up to a  year.  To schedule your appointment now, click the "book now" button at the top right of this page. 

We have many clients who schedule  a month ahead of time because they know we get busy and can get their preferred slot before the calendar fills up. 


Body Waxing Aftercare Information