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Thank you for choosing us for your waxing service! Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your skin is properly cared for over the next few days.

Please note: some slight soreness, small white bumps and redness are common, temporary reactions, especially if this is your first wax. These symptoms should subside over the next 24-48 hours. However, if you experience persistent redness or irritation, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us 210-525-9701.

Keep the waxed area clean, cool and dry for the next 24-48 Hours!


This means for the next 24-48 hours:

  • No friction, LOL ;)

  • No hot baths or hot showers (cool to lukewarm water only)

  • No saunas or hot tubs

  • No swimming in pools, rivers or oceans. (nowhere but your clean bathtub or shower)

  • No tanning (sunbathing, sunbeds or spray tan/products)

  • No sports, gyms or exercise (working out before is fine)

  • Avoid scratching or touching waxed area with unwashed hands

  • Wear clean and loose fitted clothing

  • Do not apply any deodorant, body sprays, lotions or makeup

If you experience moderate or severe irritation, you may apply hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera with clean hands.

To prevent ingrown hairs:

Three days after your wax, you may start exfoliating with a clean loofah or clean mitt. It also helps to moisturize the area every day with an unscented lotion. We also have an amazing line of products called PFB Vanish that will help combat ingrown hair.

When should I come back for my next wax?:

To maintain your smooth appearance, we recommend regular waxing every 4-6 weeks. Your hair should be at least ½ inch long (the longer the better) or a long grain of rice. You may notice a small amount of hair regrowth after a week or so. It can take up to 4 treatments for your hair to get on the same growth cycle. Please do not shave in between waxes.


*all product sales final

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 6_edited_edite

PFB Vanish™ - $24.50

The First Line of Defense for Ingrown Hair PFB Vanish™ is a unique, cosmetically elegant roll-on gel formulated for ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps resulting from shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis and laser hair removal. PFB Vanish  contains exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients to maximize the results. Say Good Bye To Ingrown Hairs!


Directions: Use on face, neck, underarms, legs, back and bikini areas. For maximum benefits apply daily after hair removal. If there are pre-existing ingrown hairs apply two times per day. Hair should lift out above the skin line.




Do not use if pregnant

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 6_edited.jpg

PFB Vanish Ultra- $38.00

Corrects, Heals and Brightens Skin

The ultimate triple-action solution for ingrown hairs, razor bumps and dark spots associated with hair removal. Enhanced with antioxidant power to provide even more brightening and protective properties, becoming your ultimate anti-aging body care product. PFB ULTRA will provide anti-inflammatory effects, promote healing of burns, and regulate the pH of skin; all critical features of a post-hair removal serum.

PFB ULTRA contains Chromabright, paired with the lightening power of shiitake mushroom, white water lily flower, and plankton extract.




Do not use if pregnant

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 6.34.23 PM.png

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt - $22.00


The mitt visibly removes surface layers of buildup and dead skin instantly. The mitt catches and sloughs off dead cells  (which appear like small gray rolls) by simply rolling it off your skin.


•  Helps even skin tone and prevents dullness

•  Removes layers of dead skin instantly

•  Improves circulation, stimulates collagen and fights aging

•  Reduces ingrown hairs, bumps and clogged pores

•  Smooths skin surface for even tanning and self-tanning products

• Made of synthetic material that collects less bacteria in moist shower than natural material would

• Only needs to be replace every 4-6 months



1. Soften your skin with water in the shower or bath for 5-10 minutes.

2. Step away from water and squeeze away excess water from the mitt, leaving mitt slightly damp.

3. Fabric relies on friction. Exfoliate using vigorous, upward and downward strokes until you see dead skin cells roll away. The more pressure you apply, the better the results. Do not apply any soaps or lotions to the body before, apply lotion after using.


Use once every two weeks, wait two weeks after waxing.

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Face Mitt - $15



  • Made with a unique fabric texture, the mitt removes surface layers of build up and dead skin instantly on
    face, neck and shoulders

  • Evens skin texture, reduces blackheads, reduces pore visibility

  • Removes makeup residue

  • Suits every skin type

  • Prepares for sunless tanning

  • Leaves your skin perfectly prepped to absorb nourishing moisturizers

  • Perfect for your daily beauty regimen, travel or to the gym


  1. Soften skin : Shower, bath or steam for a few minutes.

  2. Squeeze the excess : Wet the mitt and squeeze excess water.

  3. Remove dead skin : Massage in a circular motion (3-4 fingers). For deep exfoliation, do not use soap. For daily wash, use with cleanser.

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 6.50.17 PM.png

Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Back Scrub - $25.50


  • Made with a unique fabric texture, this luxury back scrub visibly removes surface layers of build up and
    dead skin instantly.

  • Great for dry, rough skin, eczema, back acne, and more.

  • Reach areas of your back you normally may not be able to with our extra-wide diamond-shaped design 8” W x 27” L super wide and super long. 

  • Perfect for polishing and cleaning the back, neck, shoulders and hard to reach areas.

  • Improves circulation by massaging and invigorating skin.

  • A perfect length, even for people with broader shoulders.

  • Flexible and comfortable straps on both ends to easily exfoliate hard to reach areas.



  1. Soften skin : Shower, bath or steam in water for 5-10 minutes. Do not use soap.

  2. Squeeze the excess : Turn off water and squeeze excess water from the back scrub.

  3. Remove dead skin : Use horizontal side-to-side motions for optimal results. Apply pressure (pulling handles away from your body) until you see dead skin cells roll away.

  4. Be extra gentle on your sensitive areas. You may notice your skin start to peel after a few minutes. If this happens, avoid rinsing the peeling skin off your body as these skin particles will aid in further exfoliation.

  5. Moisturize Once you have achieved your desired level of exfoliation, rinse your body with water to wash away the skin particles. Dry yourself off and apply your favorite body oil or moisturizer.

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South Beach INSTANT RESULTS KIT - $108.25

You will be amazed at the INSTANT results achieved in the first use. Tested and proven in salons, the results are truly incredible. People tested showed an immediate brightening of 2-3 shades! The three-piece kit is extremely safe and easy to use. And because it is from South Beach, you know that these are products of the highest level of quality, safety and effectiveness.


Ultimate 3-step kit for instantly reducing the appearance of dark discolorations of the sensitive intimate areas, including the anal and genital zones, face, underarms and all areas of the body.


STEP 1 – South Beach Accelerating Wash (with Green Tea)

Step 1 gets the process started and accelerates your results! The South Beach Accelerating Wash gently exfoliates the skin and prepares it to receive the Gel. It gives an amazing INSTANT brightening to the top layers of the skin of at least 2-3 shades.


STEP 2 – South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas

Step 2 incorporates our world-famous SB Gel for Sensitive Areas. This product absorbs into the skin quickly and dries cleanly. It helps reduce melanin production in new skin cells as they are formed to deliver a natural, long-term result.


STEP 3 – South Beach Soothing Lotion

Step 3 is our clean, fresh and light SB Soothing Lotion. It is designed to calm the skin after the treatment. Keeps the skin moisturized, reducing friction and heat that can contribute to hyperpigmentation. Also great for preventing ingrown hairs. It is free of any potential irritants such as fragrances and dyes. The perfect finish to ensure a pleasant experience.


For best results, use the South Beach Accelerating Wash once per day. Wash as you would normally. It is very similar to a shower gel. Rinse completely and allow skin to dry. You do NOT have to scrub harshly. When the skin is dry, apply a small amount of the South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas directly to the desired area by gently rubbing in a circular motion until completely absorbed into the skin. Make sure to cover the desired area. Allow to dry completely before applying the South Beach Soothing Lotion. The SB Soothing Lotion will help reduce any friction and excess heat in the area which can contribute to hyperpigmentation. It will also help keep the skin moisturized and prevent ingrown hairs. Continued use maintains the look as desired.


Do not use if pregnant

South Beach Roll- On for Underarms - $54.00

The highly-advanced, all-natural ingredients are designed to gently and effectively reduce dark pigmented areas, it tends to be a result of hormonal changes that may arise after pregnancy or simply with aging. It can also be caused by the irritation of shaving or waxing.


The SB Roll-on for Underarms comes in a handy roll-on form and contains an all-natural deodorant with a light, pleasant Lavendar scent. Our exclusive Insta-Brite™ technology provides an instant brightening effect with each application, giving your skin a brighter, more youthful glow from the first day you use it. With continued use, the active ingredients work with your skin to provide long lasting results.


How it works:

First, our Roll-on gently exfoliates the skin to prepare it. Then, it delivers a blend of natural de-pigmentation agents deep into the layers of the skin. These gently work to reduce the activity of Tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for darkening) in the skin. Gentle soothing agents moisturize to protect. As new skin comes to the surface, you see a brighter skin tone that blends with your natural skin tone.



For best results, shake well, use 2-3 times a day (morning and evening). Wash as normal. Allow skin to dry. Apply a small amount directly to the desired area by using the roll-on. Make sure to cover the area. Allow to dry completely before applying any other products. Continue to use until the look you desire. Each individual is different and the length of time for results may vary depending on the cause and severity of the discoloration. A little goes a long way. Each bottle should last 1-2 months depending on the amount used to cover the area and the size of the area.


Do not use if pregnant


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